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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ignorance isn't always bliss: Part 2

Talk about real noobness, this one transcends audio.

Because of the severity of the case I'm going to quote it in full:

"Selling the above. The Zero DAC was purchased from an MO around May this year, so no local warranty. 100% functionality, no cosmetic flaws. Will also include the USB to Optical converter (you will need this for PC use as there is no USB input on the Zero).

The OPA627 (OPA627APG4, to be exact) op-amp was purchased from Farnell on 5 Sep 08, so be assured that this is the real thing. I will pass you the actual receipt of the purchase. Comes together with the 8-pin adaptor that was purchased separately, so just plug into the DAC and enjoy the sweet music. Try buying the op-amp and the adaptor separately - it will definitely cost you more than $70."

Erm, yea, did anybody tell you that Farnell likes to chop carrot on certain products? Especially when it comes to higher-end audio products, which they do not have a big selection of.

He should've gotten the Zero+ DAC which adds the same thing for only an extra $50 more at Ja**n. But that's still giving $$$ to Ja**n, because in China, the upgrade can be had for 100rmb or less. That's less than 20 dollars. Cos electronics are cheap there, and things are priced at what they are worth, unlike in other areas of the world especially SG, US, Europe, Japan, Australia blah blah, where you can spend lots of money to buy a cheap product, just because of marketing and hype.

And, if I'm going to spend $70 upgrading IC op-amps, I'd rather spend ~$30 to get a discreet op-amp from audio-gd. And that's for two channels. And that's gonna pwn your ass because on the surface (or to audio noobs), discreet op-amps MUST be better than integrated circuit ones.

BTW, if anyone wants the op-amp-upgraded Zero, he's selling at $220. Or you can camp at echoloft for much better deals. Zhaolu D3... hmm... tempting... but I got my D2.5A already and it uses the AD chip which has more space feeling, and I might need the headamp. But the D3 uses the more expensive CS4398 and is priced two times as much, but the 2nd-hand price isn't two times as much...

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