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W A R N I N G !

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

More audio noob-dity, and audio myths/antimyths

This should go into my upcoming, extra long post on audio myths and antimyths, but decided to make it on its own since it is relatively rare, high-level (in terms on how much money/hearing you need to spend to reach this stage), and significant.

Some guy from a certain forum (pls don't be offended) said this:


I forgot whether he had caps. But I can't access the forum at home to verify.

There is no need for a power conditioner in Singapore, because why? The usual answer, because our power supply is clean enough?

Well, firstly, clean is not equal to stable. Our power supply is relatively stable, but not clean. Actually, with all the modern equipment dumping EFI into the mains lines, a city's power is gonna be more noisy than the countryside.

If your transformer or speakers whine, and if it's not due to a faulty equipment, high chances that it's the power.

If in my house, I had 3 sets of amp/speakers that whine, whine more in the night, and whine more when the light in my brother's room is on, there is no way a power conditioner of some sort wouldn't help.

And, is this significant? If your speakers, no matter how good, are constantly buzzing you would want to do something about it isn't it? Like a totally stupid and irritating thing called tinnitus that doesn't affect daily functionality but degrades the listening experiance, not to mention it is totally loud when everything else is quiet.

(To be continued...?)

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