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W A R N I N G !

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Is there a point to write a review on something that has been discontinued?

Well, this guy seems to think so:

Trends Audio TA-10.1

(Note: This review is not written by 6moons, nor does this post have anything against 6moons)

We won't and don't see new products using Tripath chips anymore.

Why? Because the company had gone bankrupt

Two years ago

So effectively the 3 T-Amps in the article aren't being produced anymore.

Especially the Sonic Impact T-Amp which got out of production and stock moments after its launch, probably due to its low price.

Strangely, the Trends T-Amp is still being sold.

But I can't find Yulong T-Amp being sold on the net anymore. Not even on ebay or taobao.

Must take good care of my two Yulong T-Amps, since they are the only things with good sound and low power consumption (especially when idle) that I can get my hands on now.

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