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W A R N I N G !

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Semi-DIY" power conditioner

EMI filter, bought from Koba for $3 IIRC.

Took apart an old unused power strip. Originally thought best if can fit the filter inside, but missed by just a few mm. If going external I should've gone for the bigger ones.

Reason for wanting to go internal is safety - the chassis of any EMI filter/PSU with EMI filter is connected to the ground which is the mid-voltage point of the EMI filter, and will give you a sting if the gound is not connected. Worse still, if the ground is not connected and there is a short circuit, the entire chassis will go live, and that's quite a huge area of contact for killing you.

IEC input, makes things a little easier. Would've wished for IEC output though. :P

The filter, by Delta Electronics. Sorry for the bad camera quality. Good for 3A @ 250V.

Finished product

I couldn't do a "fire test" because Koba kapo-ed the fuse. Testing with the multimeter shows it to be safe though.

Also, taking this power strip apart showed me how bad some of the workmanship of our power-related products can be. There were a few bad connections which are potential points for failure and tripping the circuit-breaker/starting a fire or electricuting someone if that fails. BTW I've had two power strips and a mains power socket that failed on me and tripping the house since I moved here to Punggol just five years ago.

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