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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Munto TV: Afterthoughts

There may be people who rate this series highly, and so will there be a huge majority of mainstream series viewers that sink this series,

But as a sucker of this specific type of genre, I'm...

STILL going to sink this series.

This series is good, but bad, very bad. I'll tell you the bad reasons first:

1) I'd have rated this series good, at least for the first half, IF THEY DIDN'T JUST PLUCK OUT THE FOOTAGE OF THE FREAKING OLD DVD OVAS (WHICH ARE IN 4:3, JUST TO SHOW HOW OLD IT IS) AND MAKE IT MORE THAN HALF OF THE SERIES. Sure, they got add a bit of extras here and there, but it's still ALMOST THE F-ING SAME THING.

Kyoto Animation is obviouly not giving a hoot about remaking this series, this is the worst job they've ever done. Why the F remake it then?

And they shouldn't have bothered using the bad broadcast-quality tactic, because nobody will buy the DVD I can bet.

2) If there was a reason why this series originally stayed OVA, this TV remake will show you why. Because the thing which is called ending is a piece of crap. I've seen loads of B-grade endings that are better.

Kyoto Animation did attempt to make things out of the ordinary here and there, but this is very limited and understandably hard, because unlike visual novels which are funny by themselves, the original script would not have all those. And the ending, while indeed slightly out of the ordinary, is even worse than what one can expect if it followed the normal ending. Blame the original author for this one.

Basically towards the end, none of anything makes sense anymore.

The problem with this series is that while it has an excellent setting (which probably boosted marks for viewers always stuck with mainstream B-grades), this excellent setting makes it almost impossible to achieve a good ending out of it. I noticed that problem while watching the OVAs, and so did the producers probably. Any attempt to finish the series without a) Thinking for at least 5 years or b) Resulting in infinitely long development that screws the original setting will result in c) Screwed up ending thought by a fifth-grader.

And also, there are many complaints of how it basically just sucks, in terms of character (development, and IMHO design too), plot, music, some parts of artwork, but these are all due to it being taken from the OVA, which I have covered above. Because the OVA wasn't anything impressive if it even manages to make it to the average category.

So you take something that sucks on average but with a few redeeming points, plug it into an ending that sucks and kills the redeeming points, what you get is something that basically sucks as an all-rounder.

Okay, now onto the good:

1) A good amount of battle when it is called for - very nice. Just boom, boom, and boom, no questions asked, no explanations. There are people who hate this kind of battle, but those are the same people that like long-duration transformations and charge-up, long-winded heartwarming (?) talks during the battle itself, and cry when a Gundam pilot dies. Which side would you rather believe?

Real fights don't give a damn who your mother is.

And good fighting scenes are hard to come by. If you shun those I'd love to see you try to direct (as in movie director) something that last even 5 minutes, not inclusive of charging and talk. 5 full minutes of epic combat, and any screenplay can only be repeated 3 times. Or if you need to include some talking fine with me, but the timer only ticks during fighting.

Else how did Matrix become so popular and nice to watch?

Unfortunately for this series, it was aired in the same season as To aru Majutsu no Index, which has good visuals, good fighting (although not as intensive on average), good talking regarding the fights and good plot, and a setting which revolves around the fighting, so in comparison, Munto is a piece of lard.

Not as if it wasn't already so without comparison.

2) The setting is still undoubtly good even though it wasn't developed (or actually screwed at the end).

If I were the author, my ending would for the people who built castles in the sky to kill themselves off aided by the humans, bringing piece to the human race. If the event did affect the whole world (instead of Japan or just that small town) as said, USA would be launching its 5000 nuclear warheads to completely annihilate the entire heavens at least 200 times. Although total destruction of any area in the sky or space or the entire surface of the earth is only level 4 on the Krepian magic scale, at most a low level 5, the magic king only has abilities up to level 3 at most. Meaning to say, he sucks, and this event will not destroy the whole world or even a significant part of it.

The new future I forsee is for those that shouldn't have been there (the heavens) to not be there. That makes the most sense to me. What is the point of "not undoing past sins and make a new future to make up for it" when the future is still a seed of disaster, goes against the natural flow of things (Flow of Akuto and the Heavenly beings weren't natural to begin with), and is made up of the people who comitted the sins? This is like if USSR launched missles that destroyed most of the world, the US did not launch any missle to counterattack but instead focused on recovery of USSR, then the whole world says "lets make friends". F*** your m** lar.

Just kill those troublemakers and end any problem for good. I know my storylines tend to be very unorthodox and unfriendly, but they tend to make more sense too.

Eh wait, but that wouldn't have anything to do with the girl anymore rite?

That's why I stress that this setting is hard to round up. If you thought my ending was good, you still got ways to go. But I do think it's better than the original at least.

For more info on the Krepian magic scale, wait for my "as hard as I tried to be" unorthodox story to be published... within the next 50 years hopefully.

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