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W A R N I N G !

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Monday, April 6, 2009

When marketing becomes outright lying

It just occurred to me that most of my targets are from online forums.

Remember the post when somebody said that a pair of OPA627 on BrownDog costs more than $70 new? If you don't, here's the phrase - "Try buying the op-amp and the adaptor separately - it will definitely cost you more than $70."

Well, something just topped that -

"The Zero Dac Plus comes with the opamp 627 which supposedly costs 100 dollars on its own. Brand new bundle at j**** costs 400, hoping to sell this to upgrade my power supply."

Firstly, who the heck gave him the idea that a pair of OPA627 costs 100 dollars on its own?

Secondly, I know J**** sells things ex without bundle (cheap with bundle though), but since when did it sell a Zero+ DAC for $400?

He may think he can pull it off because others are noob, but trying to do that in a forum owned by the shop selling the product @ $270, good luck.

BTW, I am seeing a lot of people selling off their Zero DACs. Wonder why. No seriously, I'm not being sarcastic, I really don't know. Since selling of old DAC means upgrading to a new and better one. While I know (and the current observation shows) that the Zero DAC is prone to being upgraded, what would the users be upgrading to? Coz I don't remember the largest bringer of Zero Dacs having a better entry-level DAC apart from those from Firestone audio (and "better" is subjective, although "more expensive" is tangible). And this happens amist the ho-ha of the Zero DAC in forums, like it is the best you can get out of PC audio, together with the AegoM or T3 which are the best speakers.

It can't be the Compass DAC, since it is currently only available through overseas order. Same goes for the Y1 DAC. And most PCM270x-only-based DACs won't stand a chance against an AD1852 DAC.

Styleaudio suddenly comes into mind as I was typing "PCM270x".

Or, something else might be happening, something big. I sense a disturbance in the force.

This might be a good time to cash in on DIY. ZOMBiE where r u?

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