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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hypocrisy: Animal rights

(Note: This post is not specifically directed at anyone, but rather at a huge group of people, I used the link because it was available and because it gave me this topic to talk about)


Once in a while, this kind of thing pops up.

Arguing for animal rights via sick videos.

Ok, lets see what's sick about this.

The gore?

Have you ever cooked before? Have you ever chopped a head or gutted something?

With your bare hands. Does the videos show anything more gross than that?

Some people go further to eat brains. My mom isn't that extreme, she only eats the eyeballs of fish and opens up the head to eat the meat.

Or, what's sick in the video is the treatment of the animals, how they were killed or left to die?

Ever been to Jurong fishery port? And looked at the fishes lying on the floor trying hard to breath? Occasionally you see a fish flop, amazing how high they can jump. But those are the lucky ones, the ones at the bottom of the pile are not so lucky.

Go to any meat farm, what you see there will not be any better than what you see in the above videos.

Because of this, I don't consider killing Chinchilla for fur any more brutal than killing animals for meat. Some people may care, because of preferential treatment - Chinchilla are cute, cows are not. And these people are hypocrites. I find chickens and ducks cute, as well as most other species of birds. But I still eat chicken. Well's that's their job. Better than let them extinct.

If you're a vegetarian because of this, than it's ok, because you're walking the talk.

What about household pests then. I find mice cute, though women (and some men/'men') may not. Does being a pest mean I can use rat poison and see them curl up, shiver and die? That's like what happened to the Chinchilla in the video. Chinchillas are also rodents btw.

How about a more extreme example - contact of a cockroach means immediate action of an overdose of neurotoxin sprayed directly in the face - I don't think there are many people opposed to that. Then you see the cockroach run a little, flip over, shake its legs like crazy, gets sprayed with more neurotoxin-in-yer'-face, stops moving.

Oh, so, that's not wrong. It's only wrong when you do it on something other than cockroaches and rats.

See, preferential treatment.

There are people who keep cockroaches as pets.

And rats are cute too.

I don't like dogs, does that mean I can shoot them?

Then all the world's dog lovers will turn against me. And there are probably more of them than animal rightists.

So, if you're not supposed to kill animals, you're not supposed to kill animals. Doesn't matter which and what way they're killed.

No point trying to discourage people with sick videos. After all, humans have done more sick things than that.

And does that mean it's okay if we don't see the sickness? Then why bother showing these videos in the first place?

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