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Monday, October 19, 2009

On bad soundcards (onboard) and cheap speakers -

So the Realtek onboard in my laptop sounds muther-f**king gay with its obscene bass boost that the norm consumer (and some 'audiophiles') will say "wow".

Like, you'd think people would be idiots to degrade the already bad sound even further.

Well, shoot me, because when I plugged my bro's Creative Inspire 2600 directly to my laptop's analogue out (without going through the external DAC) it actually sounded better - more full, more mids, not as whiny as usual.

And that's why more bass should definitely help for the huge majority of users on small whiny speakers $20 to $200 (and there are exceptions - I've seen speakers costing over $2-300 and still sound gay) - the overpowered sub with overtiny satellites results in two peaks and no mids. The extra bass from certain "upgrades" of soundcards/audio devices help compensate for this, hence making the sound better.

But of course, use this with any half-decent system, and you'll shouting "OMGWTF" maybe add a BBQ behind.

So, lessons learnt today:

1) System matching (synergy) is important - cheap source goes with cheap speakers, expensive sources goes with expensive speakers

2) Never, never think you're smart and others stupid, you aren't as smart as people getting paid to spend their time working on this

However, exceptions include products that are made in -

- Eastern Europe
- Middle East
- Australia (including New Zealand)
- South Africa
- Some products from China (you have to check the sources to see if they're not cheating your money)
- Hong Kong
- Singapore - all audio products that are designed in Singapore by Singaporeans are bound to be bloodsuckingly overpriced and have extremely poor performance

That leaves us with -

- Great Britain
- Germany
- Japan
- China (the good parts)
- Taiwan
- Canada
- And a small part of USA

Which is where most of the world's audio came from in the first place or where most of the current audio stuff and technology are currently being designed and produced in.

"All your speakers are made in China"
(Usher - made in Taiwan, Wharfedale - owned by IAG, the list goes on...)

But, then
"All your PSUs are made in China"
- lots of people don't realize this fact - that Delta, Seasonic, Enermax, HiPro, Acbel etc. all are Taiwanese companies with their production in China

"All you phones are made in China"
- ...this should be a given. That, or Taiwan

"All your MP3 players are made in China"
- some people can guess, but there are others that strongly believe that all the good MP3 players are not made in China. Well, wonder what'd be their expression when they know that they're still manufactured by Chinese and to some extent, designed by Chinese

With all these, speakers being made by Chinese doesn't seem bad at all.

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