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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Casing affects sound quality!

All the talk on spikes and footers, coupling/decoupling on solid-state equipment,

without firm theoretical basis and less to say numbers of reality.

Because in Audio Land, anything that you do changes sound quality. And any change in sound quality is for the better.

So spikes, footers, granite slabs, suspension, magic rocks whatever works because it changes the way things vibrate.

Well people "researching" in this field sure left out a very important part.

The components inside the equipment don't float by themselves, they stay still because something is holding them up against gravitational acceleration.

The screws holds them down to the chassis.

The chassis connects the footer to the screws.

So wouldn't the physical properties of the chassis affect more than that of the footer? Considering the length and thickness. And casing panels are known to flex under load, but not the footer.

So the casing is more flimsy than the the footer?

So what is the point of a firm/unfirm/whatever science connection between the equipment and the tabletop when the casing is going to affect more?

Of course, if what your equipment only does is to send high-bandwidth time-critical signals into outer-space, you don't need a good chassis or isolation footers.

Anyway if you want a firm connection use a screw goddamnit.

And some spike footers come with threads for you to replace the original feet of your equipment. But many don't also.

Because people aren't expected to know how to replace the equipment's feet.

And as you might have known all the expensive "tweaks" over a few k are external tweaks. As for the reason why, that deserves a post of its own, I'll cover it next time.

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