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W A R N I N G !

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rich-poor gap

Jurong Point

A showcase of the rich-poor gap

And overpopulation

And aging population

And foreign worker influx. Especially foreign worker influx. But these will be talked about another time, lets focus on rich-poor gap.

Around Boon Lay MRT station (inclusive of within the station itself and Jurong Point, I can count four stalls selling $2 chicken rice (one of them sells $1.50 actually) or economic nasi lemak, I believe there to be more hidden somewhere.

And opposite is Cavana chicken rice - $4.50 per plate.

And in the basement of Jurong Point, a short street of Japanese cuisine.

And beside that, an area full of restaurants

On the top floor of JP2, a Kopitiam that only has restaurant-like food, and price.


On the top floor of JP2, and more scattered everywhere, are shops you'd find in Orchard road

Beside them, FairPrice Xtra for all your cheap goods


But the best/worse has to be this - there used to be a free space area where tonnes of factory workers would sit around.

Now, that area is replaced with a Wendy's.

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