W A R N I N G !

W A R N I N G !

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Magic Platform

Coming across the Shakti Stone and my previous experience with overheating my Zhaolu gave me a new novel idea for an audio tweak, or "tweak" as you may like to call it -

I present the:

Magic Platform.

It works by increasing the working temperature of your device to decrease ESR of capacitors and increase conductivity of semiconductors (hence involving quantum physics). It is made of high density wood specially processed into pulp form removing defects and irregularity in the process to provide the much-required mass loading and mass damping and makes your equipment more natural. The quantum-mechanical additives in the pulp protects the equipment below it from cosmic rays while the pencil lead blocks nuclear radiation. The wood also balances the feng shui which is otherwise too heavy in huo (fire), jin (gold, also refers to metal), and dian (electricity).

And the effect of this tweak? It sounds warmer. Get it?

Oh, the plastic poles sticking upwards are not part of this product, but another tweak called the Plasticizer which regulates resonances (plastic does not exaggerate the high frequencies too much as with metal resonators) and absorbs charges in the air and store it within themselves to create a barrier field protecting the equipment from interference.

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