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Friday, October 29, 2010

Price of internal component - $0.02, price of component wrapped and packaged nicely for external application - $200

A few posts ago I mentioned (but didn't promise, gotcha) I would talk about why all the expensive tweaks are external tweaks.

So here it is.

There are two reasons for this.

First reason - it's not that all (an absolute all) expensive tweaks are external, there are some internal stuff like clock and buffer upgrades also.

But, there are people who do audio tweaks that can't remember v(t) = L di(t)/dt

So they can't do anything related to electronic design.

So they do non-electronics-related tweaks instead. And claim it somehow links to the electrical performance of the equipment.

And internal tweaks usually mean electronics.

So these non-electronic tweaks are usually outside.

Second reason - products must be sold to people who can use them.

Don't laugh - I've seen people asking me how to remove the cover of something

Asking about simple things that can be Googled (that reminds me to write a post about online guides)

On a side note, it is super funny when people ask said kind of question on forums and it gets answered by forummers who know even less than the person asking for help. See this post for my opinion on this.

And people who tend to have the money to buy (and/or be suckered to buy) expensive tweaks are not technicians, engineers, or scientists. Because 1) they know well not to buy, well, at least the real professionals (n. 2. One who earns a living in a given or implied occupation) do, not wannabes, and 2) ever seen a technician/engineer/scientist that is rich? (I'm not counting "engineers" of audio tweaks themselves, those have thrown away their respect for this field, and many are wannabes. Anyway, they only give the illusion of being rich (so you'd think you can believe in them knowing what is good for an expensive system *chuckle*), for if they were really rich they would've spent more money to improve their f***ed-up webpages.)

In short, many people who buy expensive tweaks don't have a toolkit - I blame it partially on the lack of practical DIY knowledge being passed down from fathers to sons, and from mothers to daughters, and soon people won't even know what this is for. The other part is because they are rich and have maids and pay overcharging technicians to do anything.

So, unable to do internal tweaks, they only want to buy external tweaks.

And that's why most tweaks are external.

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