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W A R N I N G !

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The bookstore koped my bookmark!

221208(22th December 2008 in army format), that night I visited the book fair at Suntec, only targets are 1. Light Novels and 2. Cheap old manga. Didn't find 2., only found a set of 1.. And not a very well-known series to boot. Obviously light novels aren't in their list of things. But the story seems pretty good at first sight, and the print quality isn't bad too. So I koped (took with force, without knowledge/permission in Singaporean slang, can mean to simply take also) it. It was a very good deal, $13++ for 4 books. That'd have easily set me back $50 at Kino.

Reached home, I realized that 3 bookmarks are also included with each book. Lucky. Wait, why is there a Suzumiya Haruhi bookmark in the second book?

I actually thought it was a character in the book lol.

Then, today, I wanted to see all the different bookmarks, just for interest. But, the last book only had one (1) bookmark. Now that's strange. Did I get shortchanged? Wait, the seal of this book was not complete when I bought it, could it be somebody have koped it? If so then damn that mutherfu*ker. Or did it only come with one bookmark? That'd make sense.

Then I realized that there is at least 1 bookmark with the same picture as the pull-out picture/poster/watever-you-call-that per book except for the last. Now I really suspect something is missing.

Then I realized in book 3, there are some kind of serial number on each of the bookmarks, ending with AL-0xx, where xx was 07 to 09 for book 3. So that's 3 bookmarks per book!

So I look at book 2, in place of AL-005, there was LG-014. So that IS a Haruhi bookmark (whatever LG stood for, AL is Alison btw).

So fuk, this has to be a mistake in the packaging.

In book 4, the only one there is AL-011.

Damn I wanted the AL-010 which would have been the picture in the pull-out.

Oh well, I got it so cheap anyway, didn't lose much (using rationalization to make myself feel better).

This post is just a rant, nothing important or useful. I just wanted to rant that's all. And that is a first. Perhaps I'm really becoming a blogger.

Speaking of Alison, did I mention that I thought the story was good at first sight up there? It was just a calculated guess, but my guesses have been really accurate in this field so far. Turns out there's going to be an Anime made out of it airing in 2008, and there is already a sound novel for the DS. Something has to be good to receive such treatement, right? Or maybe I'm mistaken, maybe it's just plain money-making tactics, like in the case of Love-hina (takes out anti-flame shield and hides under the table). But seriously, nobody has talked about this book, and it's old @ 2002-2004, and now it's being made into an Anime, it should be a treasure that was recently uncovered by an explorer trying to find all treasures out there.

Now the wierd part... should I be reading the novel first, or watch the Anime first? I know, I'll read the novel then watch the Anime like those hardcore freaks. It may be more entertaining that way, as seen in the case of Kodomo no Jikan.

Together with this discovery, I also found out that there's a follow-up series, Lillia and Treize, starring the children of the characters of the prequel. ..................now this looks like maybe it won't be as good as the first one doesn't it? But I may be wrong. After all, my own series, Alternity, only got better and better in subsequent series.

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