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W A R N I N G !

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

The first post: Opening post to start with a bang

I didn't like blogs, simply because I think it's a waste of time for both the blogger and the reader (especially the reader). Who keeps a diary nowadays anyway, and normally nobody would want their diary to be read by others isn't it? Oh so it's to say out loud whatever's in your heart for others to see. Who cares? Who would be reading your blog anyway? you show-off/narcissist.

I still don't entirely like it. But as I began finding out more and more things lately, big and small, very-interesting and not-so-interesting, useful and not-so-useful, I realize it isn't nice to post them in forums and shout it out loud (see above on the part which hints I hate wasting others' time by filling up the internet with junk data), but then it would be a waste as there are people who really could use it, and it's time-consuming to format and upload the data in the form of proper web pages onto my half-abandoned, never to be completed personal website, and yada yada yada

So I found the blog to be an easy way to post without spending too much time creating webpages. Yes, it has two problems: there's no menu, and there's no catagorizing of posts (not as far as I know of for this blog, it has tabs but I don't consider that as catagorization), so it'll be difficult to seperate the stuff for different groups of people, and impossible to make into some sort of review site for tech stuff and Anime (I rant more on Anime than I review actually... I think). But still, it's something I can use to share what I know, and it can act as a temporary storage for these words until I finally get my own web site up and running (currently it only has half a leg and two toes).

But most importantly

I was/am feeling bored.

Oh well, so here you go, the opening post of wwenze aka WWZ aka qwertyextra's tech blog/rant and Anime rant page.

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