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W A R N I N G !

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

An update to "Displaying the subtitles in the black area for widescreen videos"

Ok, so I found another way to do this, and more straightfoward, and probably more correct.

While using the previous trick, I was feeling that the fonts are too large, so entered VobSub to change. Investigative as I am, I also took another look at the other settings. Then, in the General tab, I saw "Vertical padding (if you want to move the subtitles below the picture". Isn't that just what we wanted, but in only 1 step?

But, this method has its drawbacks:

- It's only limited to the choices available, meaning no 5:4. It's probably possible to modify it such that it does 5:4, but I don't have the programming skills. I'll look up on how to do so when I feel like it. (Hey, at least I'm truthful, more so than people who keep saying "next update")
- The black parts were actually not black when I tested, it was some kind of grey or brown. Which can get irritating when you have a 5:4 screen and see the difference
- It's pointless to do this when you're also doing the resize

Basically if you have a 4:3 monitor, this is the trick for you. You lucky peeps who can full-screen doujin games and visual novels without stretching the image. But if you have a 5:4 screen like me, stick to the old trick. If you want to use LanczosResize, stick to the old trick too.

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