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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Do you believe in fate?

Three posts being generated in parallel, and the one that was started the latest finished first. Is this wierd or what? Rmbr I mentioned about posts not in the same chronological order as my thoughts? I wonder if y'all fellow bloggers have the same problem.

Today, slightly after noon, after I said my final farewell to the Barracuda IV, I spent some time at White Sands. Played a credit of Mushihime. Did well. Suddenly lost the first life for stupid reasons. Lost the second and third. Inserted another credit. Died quickly. Decided that I was tired. Stopped playing.

Boy, this game really reminds me of Touhou. But I wonder which one came first, Touhou series or such games by Cave?

After buying lunch for my mom (vegetarian today), I went to the first floor ready to go home, then in the corner of my eye I saw Full Metal Alchemist figurines, the type in boxes, in the center area of the first floor of shopping centres that's always having sales and events. It's not that I like FMA, but the fact that they are there means more of the same kind will also be. I detoured and saw more boxes, plush figurines, and lots of very old manga selling for $1, as well as large pirated Anime jigsaw puzzles. I don't think anyone would by any of the old manga, but the rest are all pretty interesting. It's a stock clearance by Comic Connection. I decided to try my luck.

Among the Naruto boxes, I found 3 boxes of PaniPoni Dash at two bucks each. Now that's rare. I took all 3. Then I wanted to buy a jigsaw ($5 each, normal price?). I saw artwork by Tanemura Arina. I hoped it was Full Moon (or even better, Shinshi Doumei Cross), turned out it was Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne. Oh well, still good, cuz the pic is still pretty nice. Took it.

Next, I saw Sakura (of FSN) plushies @ $3. Doesn't look original to me, AND WHERE IS THE SKIRT!?!?!? Would've gotten it if the skirt was there. Then I saw Saber. The stupid look version. It was the last one. Took it.

Then I also saw a few boxes of Sister Princess mascot character @ $3 also. But only Karen. Took one also.

Total added up to $17, with the jigsaw costing the most (and seem to worth the least) @ $5. Without it, it would've been $12 for all these (minus the jigsaw). Isn't that cheap or what? I'm not the type who would spend a lot of money on these stuff and die die must complete the set or something, I just see what I can get for the little money I have, be it second-hand or what. And I just buy what I want. So this is like a windfall to me.

If I never sold my Barracuda IV, I wouldn't have gone to Pasir Ris, and I wouldn't have gotten all this stuff. It's like a fated encounter. Or, if computer parts (and other tech gadgets) have spirits, then my Cuda IV was looking out for me for the last time when it left.

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