W A R N I N G !

W A R N I N G !

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Lolis are the future...

AGAIN I mixed up the order of my posting. Just couldn't help it. Before this post it was supposed to be the super long one on video post processing, also included a thank you for all the few supporters everyday.

Now I realized something wrong.

The highest spike coincided with the day I changed my HWZ avatar and signature.

Lolis are the future.

Did I get higher clicks just by doing that?

Well, if you were thinking I decieved you, because there are no underaged pics in here, nor is this blog in any way like your norm Anime blog, you're the one thinking wrong here. My blog is my blog. My signature line is my signature line. They're two different things.

But still there were visitors even before the loli avatar/signature... oh well a big thank you for you all. And people who visited without thinking of viewing loli pics.

I need to differentiate things better next time.

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